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These insights are what guide your content optimization. Screenshot of Kevin Indig’s tweet about data freshness For less obvious trends timely data is more important. It enables you to be the first to discover new trending keywords in your industry or geographic area. If your keyword research tool doesn’t provide timely and accurate data you may find that your keywords are no longer popular. So the first thing to remember is that the value of the tool output depends on the data quality.

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Make sure the tools you use deliver the latest insights and fresh accurate data. Screenshots of top Lithuania Phone Number List keywords driving traffic to The Washington Post the week of September The Queen’s name drove huge traffic to The Washington Post the week she di. Screenshot showing top traffic driving keywords. Screenshot of top keywords driving traffic to The Washington Post during the week of September A few days later keyword trends have shift Screenshot showing top traffic drivers for September Keywords In the next paragraphs we’ll look at some tools that help spot SEO trends. How to Find Trending Keywords on Google Here’s the fastest way to find keyword trends on Google: Use the autocomplete feature on Google. Enter the terms you want to find keywords for and see what else Google shows.

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You can filter by geographic area and category. You still ne some keyword research to List of Mobile Phone Numbers determine search intent and make sure it fits your industry. How to Find Ecommerce Trending Keywords Ecommerce is highly competitive and you ne a keyword research tool to stay in the game. Let’s look at tips for finding direction for your research. Before investigating how to find keyword trends you ne to understand shopping and product trends. The following tools are great for helping you understand popular trends for the right keywords for your eCommerce website. Trendhunter is a massive platform that shows current trends for almost anything.

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