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The video had a considerable impact on brand perception and caused a stir in the advertising world. A video transformed the brand image from just another hygiene product manufacturer to a socially conscious one, understanding the challenges girls face when developing their femininity. . Dove – A Real Beauty Sketch Dove took a similar approach when creating this video, challenging women’s perceptions of their own beauty. This video targets a different age group than previous examples, but also targets women’s inner selfcritics. It sends a powerful message “You are more beautiful than you think.” Why is this video unique and powerful? The brand teamed up with a portraitist to prove it, giving the film the power of a thirdparty witness. Viewers will never suspect that this is a marketing campaign.

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The video also uses surprise effects to keep attention high. Notice how each woman Venezuela Phone Number List revealed some of their experiences, rather than telling us what they learned from the experiment. The goal gradually unfolds, and you keep asking yourself, where is this going? . Alibaba – Kenya Hockey Team Dreams Big The example of Alibaba’s Olympic video ad tells an unusual story. It’s set in a faraway land where people have very different dreams than Western audiences. Why does it work? The components of a video demonstrating brand awareness are very similar empathy for the underdog, admiration for determination, hard work, and a hero story.

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Most importantly, it makes you want to see to the end, because you have to see if the List of Mobile Phone Numbers hero succeeds. . Apple – Apple’s Commitment to Climate Change Communications giant Apple has brought up another topic to meet the growing public attention. In this marketing video example, a company vows to take on the challenge of environmental pollution. What do we like about this video? The simplicity of this video is stunning and proves that sometimes less is more. Babies represent the future. Whispering sounds represent Apple looking at the baby. It protects and cares for the future like a guardian angel. In the end, Apple made a strong commitment as a brand and as a manufacturer.

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