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If you previously specializ in working with block social networks, now is the time to understand the nuances of positioning on alternative sites, and better yet, don’t focus on one topic and expand your capabilities. There is a development option that can help you stay afloat in uncertain times If you want to stay in this industry, you must master positioning in Russian social networks. It is necessary to understand the nuances of running an advertising campaign on , , and , and be ready to launch a new domestic platform. Study a field relat to targeting In addition, you can learn how to set up contextual advertising, develop chatbots, start email newsletters and more.

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In this way, you will meet more customer nes and be able to minimize. The Netherlands Phone Numbers List financial loss caus by the crisis. Spe ​​of Response Matters Now The quicker you can adapt to changing conditions. The easier it will be to find new paying clients or agency openings. How to Build the Capabilities of Experienc Target Experts In order not to waste time on trial and error. But to immiately acquire fresh knowlge on topics of interest, come on for a crash course. What follows is an overview of the current training programs that will help you quickly upskill and start working under the new rules.

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Targeting courses You’ll learn about ad accounts and platforms’ ad types and tools. Learn List of Mobile Phone Numbers how to use and parsers to gather audiences. Launch promotions, and properly set up dynamic retargeting. You will undertake a month-long consultation with experts and develop a plan with support. For feback on the progress of the training project work. Platform Duration Lesson price Individual channel , training with feback Orientation courses in. Which you will familiarize yourself with the functionality of the platform Learn. How to propose access for ad texts , connect ad accounts, analyze counters and pixels to collect audiences. You’ll prepare and publish your ad, analyze its results, and learn how to improve your posting statistics.

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