How to sell on Yandex Market

Clear operation algorithm when opening a brokerage account in the appOlga ChernykhJournalist, writer, PR manager helps users go all the way from understanding the product on the site to place an order. Users will better understand why each feature in the product is needed if each phase is explained to them. You don’t need to come up with a complex and complicated site if you can’t simply describe it and walk the user through all the stages. The application structure is clean. The job of a copywriter depends heavily on design decisions and the ability of the developer. Writers don’t always have room for text, they often need to put ideas into small blocks and short lines. But even the shortest text should be as clear as possible. Notifications from Short but easy-to-understand notifications with simple operating algorithms Uniform styles.

A guide for sellers

A product interface should be uniform in microtext. It’s important for UX copywriters to follow China Phone Number List the brand’s voice and embody a consistent style throughout the text. This simplifies interaction with digital products and helps users adapt to updates or additional options more quickly. The market maintains the voice of the brand and a unified way of communicating with users as seen in the text of the app. Olga Chernykh Journalist, contributor, PR manager It is important to choose the right tone of voice in order to speak the same way with users Language that inspires confidence so people want to stay longer on your site and use the service or place an order. There must be enough air in the text.

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Tools and instructions for use

The layout and arrangement of buttons, menu items, and filters is very List of Mobile Phone Numbers important. That said, copywriters work alongside designers, and it’s also great if there are researchers on the project who test customer journey maps and help refine design elements and content. Mistakes When Creating Text We tell you which ones to avoid when writing text. mistake. Lack of focus on users. Don’t forget that your users are not robots, but ordinary people. Sure, he’ll be able to perform simple actions in the app without being prompted, but it’s unlikely he’ll want to return to this site or app in the future.

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