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Reviews also play an important role in Amazon SEO. If you have a large number of positive reviews, your product will rank higher than other products with fewer or poorer reviews. How do you encourage your customers to write reviews on Amazon? You can send a follow-up email after a customer makes a purchase asking if they are happy with the product. Tell them to contact you if there is a problem, or to write a review if they are satisfied. Some people may be very happy with their purchase, but wouldn’t consider reviewing it without your tip. If you have a mailing list or social media, you can also ask purchased followers to leave comments.

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It’s important to note that Amazon distinguishes between reviews written by verified Wuhan Mobile Phone Numbers buyers and unverified buyers. Verified purchase reviews have a greater impact on Amazon SEO, so it’s important to have customers who buy from Amazon write reviews. Example of a “Verified Purchase” with customer reviews on Amazon. If you have customers who purchased through other channels, their reviews will show up on Amazon, but with less weight in Amazon’s algorithm. Read more: How to Get Amazon Reviews: A Step-by-Step Guide. Using Fulfillment by Amazon FBA FBA has little to do with Amazon SEO, but it can make your life easier. Let’s say you don’t have the space to store your product or the resources to manage shipping. Amazon will take care of the logistics for you and even offer you rewards.

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A fulfillment center provides all logistics-related services such as storage, picking, packing, shipping, and List of Mobile Phone Numbers even returns. This saves you a lot of time and helps you provide reliable service and fast shipping to your customers. Using FBA also qualifies you for Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, which is a great way to increase sales and customer loyalty. Hey, since we mentioned it, better sales do improve your Amazon SEO, so FBA indirectly improves your Amazon SEO too! How Similarweb Can Help You Optimize Your Amazon SEO Similarweb has several tools that can help you develop your Amazon SEO strategy. Similarweb provides Amazon domain-level insights across countries and regions, so you can analyze the performance and patterns of your local Amazon domains. In Similarweb’s Digital Marketing Intelligence’s keyword research tool, you can select the Amazon option to conduct keyword research specifically for that platform.

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