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You can also use dedicated tools to collect and analyze social media data, such as Hootsuite Buffer Social Baker Sprout Social Keyhole Once you have all the data, you can create social media reports to analyze the data. You’ll look at your overall account to analyze follower growth and see how people are talking about you on social media, and drill down into each individual post to see what’s working. You can also check out these social media benchmarks to give you more ideas for analysis. You should review your social media activity weekly and create larger reports quarterly. It’s important to keep an eye on your pulse so you can make quick changes to improve your activity. StepOptimization It’s time to reassess and adjust your strategy. Based on the data you gathered in your report, you have to decide what to post on social media next.

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Maybe you find that video clips get more engagement than pictures, or that a UK Phone Number List particular hashtag leads to a spike in new followers. Time to tune in and take advantage of these valuable insights! You can post more videos to see if they consistently get more engagement, and use that hashtag again to see if it brings in more followers. Optimizing your social media strategy is a never-ending process. What works amazingly one week may not be as successful the next. You never know unless you keep track and make changes based on your findings. Reacting quickly to any changes is the best way to get the most out of social media marketing. Social Media Marketing Strategy Template There are many aspects to developing a social media marketing strategy.

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Here’s a quick template to make sure you don’t forget anything Who is your List of Mobile Phone Numbers target audience? Include your marketing personas! What are your goals for social media? How will you measure whether you are reaching your goals? What do you post on social media and when? Include your call to action, hashtags, and any other information about your planned post. engaged! Listen to what people are saying about you and respond to any post, comment or message. Analysis and Reporting. Collect all the data and organize it so you can extract key findings and create action items for improvement. optimization! Make changes and see how your followers react.

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