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You’ll find vulnerabilities and hack sites, networks and operating systems, analyze data security and repel hacker attacks. With the support of recruiters and the help of a retraining diploma, you’ll gain access to the school’s career community Discounted pre-discounted price Full-stack Developer in Networking course In 1 month, you’ll master and develop in practice, and Ability to program the client and server portions of any application. You’ll complete a team project and an individual project, and receive a Professional Retraining Diploma upon completion of the course Discounted price before Information Security Specialist Course A comprehensive one-month program where you’ll learn how to predict cyber-attacks, investigate incidents and minimize its consequences.

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You’ll learn how to look for gaps in software protection during the development phase, and research Estonia Phone Number List growing legal provisions so you don’t run afoul of the law. Graduates will have the opportunity to get an internship before discounts Price Marketing professionals who know how to increase sales and company revenue are always in demand. In digital marketing courses, you can also become an expert in online promotion. And if you want to focus on a narrower field, take a closer look at the career of a marketing manager. More and more entrepreneurs are entering online shopping malls, mobile phones, and other retail platforms, and they need experts who can competently manage online storefronts. Here’s what you can buy at the Marketing Course Sale. school internet marketer.

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Marketing Manager Skillbox Full Stack Marketer Course In 1 month, you’ll learn the List of Mobile Phone Numbers marketing tools and channels to use to market your business online. In addition, you will gain in-depth knowledge of your chosen specialization optimization, management or contextual advertising. You’ll learn how to build a career as a freelance marketer and take bonus courses on , and web analytics Price before discount Marketing Manager Course In one month, you’ll learn more about how to work in popular markets. You’ll learn how to competently manage a digital store, communicate with customers, advertise products and promote your brand.

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