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The only indicator of quality is the content itself, and pages with the highest quality content rank highest. Now let’s look at this from a keyword difficulty perspective. Ranking for a keyword is easier without a site offering premium content. All you ne is great them content. This explains why content quality is a factor in calculating keyword difficulty. So if you’re a new site and have neither backlinks nor domain authority, your only chance of ranking well is with accurate, insightful, and keyword-relevant content. In this case, the quality of the content is crucial. Search Intent Notice we said keyword relevant.

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Content nes to be highly relevant to the target keyword and nes to resonate Belize Phone Number List with search intent. Google has identifi four types of search intent: Information – seeking information Commercial – wanting to buy, rent or sell a product or service Transactional – intending to make a specific purchase Navigation – looking for a specific site on the web Illustration of the four search intents . For our example keyword ‘hot air balloons’, the desire of most searchers is to fly in one while on vacation or celebrating an occasion. This is transactional. Not many people research the history of balloons information, compare prices worldwide commercial, or try to find websites for a particular brand of balloons navigation. The search intent of a high-ranking site affects the keyword difficulty score. Remember, search intent is not a black and white movie.

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There’s a lot of gray space, and Google often shows results with mix List of Mobile Phone Numbers search intent, which adds to the difficulty. How do you check keyword difficulty? All stately SEO tools provide KD scores. Some display numerical fractions, while others prefer percentages. Depending on the tool you choose, you can usually find ranges divid into groups of three to six or more. Here’s a curious fact about the various KD scores: According to Backlinko, the scores are “everywhere. Meaning that the same keywords reach completely different difficulty levels on each tool.

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