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Also, to get acquaint with the profession, you can read books which we will get to later. Hotel Management Books Among the many hotel management books, we have select the following books for you Hotel. How to build a business from zero to five stars, Austrian hotel industry expert talks about hotel management. You will get to know the principles of efficient work of hotel staff, taking into account European standards; the organization of hotel business, the author reveals the essentials of modern hotel business and complements the theory with examples from world hotel practice. You will learn about popular business methods and how work is organiz in different departments of hotels; management and personnel management in the hotel industry, you will get acquaint with Russian hotel classification and hotel service standards.

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In each section, you’ll find creative tasks to help you better remember the material El Salvador Phone Number List you’ve read. We recommend that you take your time and read the books on our list, marking key points with a pencil. Thus, you memorize essential information that will be useful to you both in your course training and in your job as a manager. Summary Managing a hotel is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It’s a multifacet organizational effort, with hundr s of tasks a single person tackles each day. This is why there is a ne to study hotel management. Your best bet is to take a hotel management course, where you’ll take the theory and reinforce it by solving real-world problems.

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