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Pro tip Similarweb offers a YouTube Keyword Generator. You can enter any keyword query into the tool and discover YouTube search volume trends for that keyword. Focus your keyword research on the search engines you are optimizing for. How to Get Amazon’s Trending Keywords Amazon is a chapter of its own. Amazon SEO is different from Google and YouTube SEO. Keywords on Amazon are more productcentric, and searchers come with the intent to buy. This eliminates a huge variety of keywords. But keywords are keywords, and you need to know how to find the current hot keywords. The Best Ways to Find Top SEO Keywords So far, the tools we’ve mentioned generate data to quantify or measure trends.

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But why do you need data? Isn’t it enough just to know the popularity of a certain keyword? Here are Luxembourg Phone Number List three excellent reasons: Not everything everyone is talking about also drives traffic. If it’s a past trend, it’s probably gone by the time you create content, and you’ll never be the first to spot a trend. Even if there is no obvious trend, you still need to determine what is trending. So, after identifying trends in your topic, enter relevant keywords into a keyword tool and do indepth keyword research. Wait a mininute.

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Before you jump to the hottest keyword research tools, don’t forget: you need fresh, reliable data List of Mobile Phone Numbers with a high level of granularity to gain accurate insights into trends. You need access to the latest data to detect emerging trends and take advantage of them first. Remember the “King Charlie” results we received? If your keyword generator’s data is based on calculations from the previous month, it won’t detect sudden spikes in keyword usage. In other words, you will never get the most popular keywords. By the time the tool shows them, they may no longer be popular, or there may be too much competition to generate traffic for them. This is true for all keyword tools. Your research is only as good as the data it’s based on.

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