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Is a podcast that tells the stories behind the success of some big brands, providing many interesting insights into the marketing strategies implemented. Here you will find curious anecdotes, successes, but also failures, accompanied by the personal history of the companies mentioned. Great interest is reserved for  storytelling and the creative way in which information is reworked. The tone of the story is informal and engaging, truly unmissable for anyone involved in communication and social media. 

Public speaking

Another interesting podcast is about  public speaking . We all know, in fact, that to deal with communication it is essential to manage public communication in the best possible way.  podcast,   many President Email Lists interesting topics are proposed every week to learn public speaking, also exploring many current topics.understand the market in which it operates. From here you can then start to develop a communication strategy, letting yourself be inspired by new ideas.

Hason & Hunt

C Level Executive List

 is another suggestion not to be missed. It’s a rather long-lived podcast that develops topics such as corporate communication, marketing and social media. It comes out about once a month and is in  List of Mobile Phone Numbers English. Here you will find news and advice to develop effective marketing strategies and manage the publication of content.If you love these topics, you’ll find tons of material to listen to this summer! Although treated lightly, these are really relevant topics for a company. Each brand must be aware of its brand image and the knowledge of the same by its audience. This is why it is essential to monitor your media, to have even more certainty about what consumers think of the company itself. The podcast is a great way to build a positive

Caffè design is a podcast loved by the most creative about design, innovation and marketing. The world of communication is described in a fun and relaxed tone, through news on companies working in this sector.  are the episodes.

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