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How does Similarweb calculate Keyword Difficulty? Keyword difficulty is calculated based on the number and quality of referring domains that lead to the keyword’s best results. We look at the first results page on a search engine and check the quantity and quality of referring domains backlinks for any result. We then use the top ten results to calculate how difficult it is to rank for the keyword. Search engine results page for skydiving gear. But wait, isn’t that what other tools do? Yes, but the accuracy of the metrics depends on the quality of the data collected by the tool.

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You already know that Similarweb data is accurate due to the variety and India Mobile Number List range of sources. Now you can use one tool for all your SEO research as part of your digital marketing analysis. use Practical Strategies for Similarweb’s Keyword Difficulty Score I’ll walk you through five use cases for Keyword Difficulty and how to get the most out of this metric. Let’s start simple and move on to more advanced uses. . Determine Competitors KD Scores for keywords that drive the most traffic In the Competitive Analysis section, enter your closest competitors. Under Search, go directly to keywords, or in Overview, scroll to Top Organic Keywords and expand the view.

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You’ll receive a list of keywords that drive the most traffic, including a List of Mobile Phone Numbers keyword difficulty score – use filters such as branded or non-branded keywords, specific search engines or search types, etc. This list shows you how difficult it is to rank for the keywords that bring your competitors the most traffic. You can use the competitive traffic filter to find keyword opportunities, lost, won, and competitive keywords. This way, you can upgrade your competitive keyword research and identify the most critical keywords you need to incorporate into your strategy. Measure your chances of getting traffic for them and how much time and effort it takes. . One of the secrets to a successful keyword strategy is to discover additional potential keywords? Identify keywords that meet all your requirements: high search volume and low keyword difficulty from the right target audience.

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