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They research YouTube influencers, contact them, and set up an initial call so you don’t have to do anything. Be sure to make your preferences and needs clear to them so they can find the right influencer for your business. You can use a platform like UpWork to find a virtual assistant or junior marketer to help you screen your influencer list and reach the most qualified candidates. You can also use email outreach tools like MailShake or Woodpecker to send email sequences and automated reminders to each prospect and automate the entire outreach process.

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Looking back at YouTube as a platform it’s hard to succeed. Using influencers is a quick way Latvia Phone Number List to reach a larger but relevant audience. So, whether you choose to partner with an influencer agency, or seek out influencers yourself, our number one recommendation is to always check what your competitors are doing. Check out their content and use an analytics tool like Similarweb Competitive Intelligence to see where their referral traffic is coming from. Use this intelligence to influence (ahem…pardon the pun your strategy before reaching out to YouTubers. Good luck and happy impact! Affiliate networks provide an easy and effective way to pair advertisers with publishers who can reach their target market.

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If you’re a publisher looking for a partner, using an affiliate network can be the fastest way List of Mobile Phone Numbers to earn commission. We’re about to cover the basics of getting started with affiliate networking, so grab your laptops, folks! We’ll cover the basics, show you how affiliate networks work, and end with a list of the top affiliate networks for you to join. let’s start. What is an affiliate network? An affiliate network is a website or application that allows advertisers to find publishers who can promote content to their target audience. Publishers participating in an affiliate network are called affiliates. Advertisers participating in the affiliate network may be merchants or advertising agencies acting on behalf of merchants.

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