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It’s ease and convenience at its best two consumer preferences created by the pandemic that will stick around for a long time. If you thought social commerce was just a fad, this should be your wakeup call. The value is there, you just have to tap into it. Tip : Your Employees Are Your Best Asset Employee advocacy is the next frontier in social media marketing. This is the strongest organic play a brand can have to grow its digital presence and build community. It offers strong ROI potential, but until recently it was unheard of. Our employees are often underutilized.

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Especially if you lead a marketing team, your employees live and breathe social media. Why Qatar Phone Number List don’t you tap into all this potential? Employee advocacy comes in many forms, but in a nutshell, it empowers employees to share and create content about the company on their own social media networks. Your employees will benefit from their social media presence and influence as thought leaders, and in turn your company will gain credibility. Think about it, your employees form part of the market you are trying to reach. If your target audience sees themselves in the person sharing that post, they’re more likely to engage and trust your brand. This reputation will translate into value for your business.

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Companies saw a increase in reach through posts shared by employees rather than the List of Mobile Phone Numbers brand itself, and those with highly engaged employees typically outperformed their competitors by . Here’s an example from my Linkedin page. Not only will you reach more people, but you’ll get more qualified leads in the process. Tip : Digital Maturity Makes a Difference As social media evolves, so do the tools you need to keep up. I’m talking about chatbots, artificial intelligence, QR codes, etc. What do all these tools have in common? Simplicity and ease—two trends that will continue to emerge in the postpandemic reality.

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