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String together different words relat to your product. Here are some tips about backend keywords: Don’t repeat words! Keywords that appear on your product listing pages do not ne to go into your backend keywords. For example, if you use the word headphones in your title, don’t waste space in backend keywords that use that word. If you write an earbud once, don’t use it again. No commas! You have characters, don’t waste them on punctuation. As mention earlier, these phrases do not ne to be grammatically correct. They just ne to contain words relat to your product. Includes synonyms and spelling variations! Maybe you’re selling sparkly, multi-color phone cases. Be sure to include the words “shiny” and “color” in your backend keywords.

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People call things differently and you don’t want to miss out on any promotions for UK Bahrain Phone Number List shoppers who like to put an extra ‘u’ in certain words! No subjective or temporary terms! Amazon ignores words like best, cheapest, amazing, new, or sale. All text should describe the product, not opinions or words design to entice shoppers to buy. .Maintain Competitive Prices Price is one of the top factors influencing purchases. of consumers check product prices on Amazon after deciding what they want on a retailer’s website. Shoppers want to know they’re getting the best deal, and Amazon makes it easy for them by showing prices in search results. If your prices are not competitive, you won’t get many clicks. How to price your products competitively on Amazon. You ne to know what your competitors are charging on Amazon and other retailers.

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If you’re charging more than your competitors. You better have a good reason and be able to communicate that easily to shoppers. We recommend that you constantly check your top competitors’ product listings on Amazon and optimize your pricing strategy to stay competitive. . Fine-Tuning the Mobile Experience Mcommerce, or mobile commerce, is expect to reach 10 of all e-commerce sales by 2019. While mobile commerce is known to have a lower conversion rate than desktop ecommerce, it still accounts for a significant portion of revenue.

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