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What are backlinks for?

Creating backlinks to your content gives a strong boost to site visibility, increasing its ranking and representing a source of useful resources for people who browse through its pages (authority).

Search engines discover new links and find new content by visiting the pages of sites they already know. That’s why the goal is to get backlinks from popular sites or at least to evaluate the sites to which we ask for inbound links.

Not all backlinks are good… it depends on which sites they come from and their PageRank (PR) . PageRank is a value from 0 to 10 that Google assigns to web pages based on their popularity and authority.

The quality of a link can also be measured on the basis of another parameter: the Domain Authority established by the Moz platform. The higher the authority of the domain, the greater the chances of climbing to the top. To measure AD, you can use Moz’s free Link Explorer tool.

In summary, it is necessary to do Link Building activities carefully and only after verifying some requirements. Here are which ones.

The requirements of a quality backlink

When evaluating the quality of backlinks consider these requirements: 

  1. the natural origin (even if it is very frequent, links obtained against payment should not be)
  2. provenance from sites with a high PageRank, from authoritative, locally relevant and topic-related sources 
  3. site seniority (which you can check with 

We talked about authority as one of the elements to COO Email List evaluate in relation to backlinks. In fact, as also emerges from the direct relationship between this and the increase in organic traffic, a backlink received from more authoritative pages transfers greater authority and a higher ranking.

What is meant by relevance?

Let’s take a practical example.

If your eCommerce sells food products and receives two backlinks, one from a boating site and the other from a local restaurant site, which do you think will have more value in the eyes of the search engine? 

Without a doubt, the second. 

And this principle also applies to domains : visitors to the site that sells food products click the relevant link, i.e. relevant to the topic, with more motivation.

The other elements to observe to evaluate a quality backlink

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  • Presence of the https security protocol
  • Content originality
  • The traffic and positioning of the site from which I receive the backlink
  • PA and DA (Page Authority and Domain Authority) 
  • Anchor Text to create the link (the words used to create the hyperlink)
  • The reputation of the site you want to get backlinks from.

This last aspect is very important to avoid listing  List of Mobile Phone Numbers companies or brands that for some reason have a low online reputation .

To make sure that the sites you ask for a backlink from are quality, with high traffic and a good level of authority, you can monitor them with analysis tools such as SEOZoom , SEO Tester Onine , . 

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