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Then, try to find out how valuable those partners are to your competitors. See how much traffic your competitors are getting from them and how engaged your audience is. Screenshot of the Find Associations feature in Similarweb. The Find Affiliate tool is one of the Similarwebs traffic analysis options that you can use to analyze how your competitors are performing. You want to identify highperforming affiliates you can contact. Let them drive some traffic to your site. This way, you can increase your traffic and steal some of your competitor’s traffic.

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Also, find out if a contest uses a different type of member than you. Evaluate what it takes to Thailand Phone Number List break into that niche and whether it’s worth it for you. Chances are, strong affiliates of your competitors will also be good sources of traffic for you. But here’s the real secret: Your competitors are probably doing it, which means they know exactly who your affiliates are and how they’re performing. With Similarweb affiliate research, you can quickly identify competitor affiliates and track their performance to maximize affiliate marketing effectiveness. Read more about it here.

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Tip Number : Drive More Traffic Through Competitive Keyword Research Affiliates List of Mobile Phone Numbers compete for traffic and vendors compete for the affiliates that drive the most traffic. About of affiliate traffic is based on SEO. Competitive keyword research helps you understand who is getting traffic for relevant keywords and where the traffic is coming from. In the Keywords feature under Similarweb Acquisition Channels, you can select the competitors you are interested in. View their traffic sidebyside by keyword to see how they are performing. You can use this knowledge and adjust your strategy by using the keywords that are most effective at generating the right traffic. Screenshot of Similarwebs Competitive Keyword Research Tool Use various filters for indepth competitive keyword analysis.

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