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The benefits of market research have long been proven. However, there are still many people who focus on intuition rather than insight. While intuition is good, there is no escape from the power of cold hard data. In this article, I list benefits of market research with real examples and 6 free research templates. Winston Churchill Quote . Why it is important to communicate better with customers: Effective communication is the cornerstone of a good relationship. And, considering how much time, effort and money it takes to win a new client, making sure you stay in their good books is not only a good thing, but a necessity.

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The first benefit of market research is the ability to understand what your Indonesia Phone Number List customers like and dislike so you can tailor your positioning of your business and its products accordingly. Tailored communications speak to customers in a way that resonates more than generic messages. A onesizefitsall approach no longer works. Delivering communications in the right format on the right platform at the right time increases engagement and helps focus on driving value. With it, customers feel appreciated and receive information that is both useful and relevant. Today, customers can unsubscribe from newsletters with just one quick click. That’s why businesses must ensure that every communication counts. Example: Market research surveys are an ideal way to quickly understand how customers feel about your communications with them.

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Ask directly about their preferred content, frequency and format. If you want to List of Mobile Phone Numbers determine the best time or day of the week to send an email, you can use email campaign tracking data to show you the best and worst times based on open and click rates. . Enable strategic, datadriven planning Why is it important: Market research is beneficial for all types and stages of business planning. It gives you the numbers and insights you need to make accurate forecasts. It also influences key decisions that help you develop and finetune your strategy.

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