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The Advanced Keyword Generator should display the following metrics: Search volume for each keyword with trends Zeroclick queries and keyword difficulty Search intent Organic vs paid search traffic Cost per click (CPC You should also get relevant filters, Allows you to hone in on a specific level for any metric. The professional keyword tool also lets you drill down for a complete keyword analysis and link to relevant webpages. How to Generate Keywords Using the Similarweb Keyword Generator Tool How does this look in practice? Let’s take a random example and see how to generate new keywords using the Similarweb Keyword Generator.

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Delivery Hero Customer Quotes About Data Accuracy Did you notice the first image Jordan Phone Number List on this page? It deals with natural cosmetics, and one of the hot items is “lip scrub.” Let’s see how it looks when we put it into the keyword generator and what we find. The first metric to look at: search volume This goes without saying, but we need to give search volume its due: it matters. High traffic means a lot of people are using that keyword in searches and you should prioritize them. Read further on keyword research tips here. Screenshot of Similarweb Keyword Generator results for “lip scrub.” Similar web The Keyword Builder shows exact matches, including “lip balm.

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You can check additional related keywords and question queries and you can see which List of Mobile Phone Numbers keywords are trending. Facing the zeroclick challenge in organic search The first thing that catches your eye is that all keywords with exact match have an extremely high percentage of zeroclick searches—a whopping . It is crucial to notice this, as it can affect the likelihood of these keywords getting organic traffic. Zeroclick searches generate instant results on the SERPs, meaning people get what they’re looking for on the Google results page without clicking on any other pages.

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