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Do the same when creating content for video marketing. Enter a list of keywords in the Tags section. If there are too many duplicates, delete some. Then expand the scope of keywords to provide more precise guidance for the YouTube algorithm to put them in the correct context. YouTube Keyword Research uses keyword research tools to find the most relevant keywords that are most likely to drive traffic. Similarweb digital intelligence platform offers a keyword generator dedicated to YouTube keyword research. Screenshot of the opening screen of the Similarweb Keyword Generator.

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Similarweb Keyword Generator Tool with YouTube Option Simply enter Netherlands Mobile Number List your main keyword in the keyword generator and select the YouTube option. The tool generates a list of relevant keywords that drive the most traffic on YouTube. Refine your search by excluding irrelevant search terms. From the list, you can select the terms that are most relevant to your keywords and video content. You also want to find out which terms drive traffic to your competitors and associate with the generated keywords. Identify your main competitors on YouTube. You can read how to do a competitive analysis on YouTube here. Then check out their video channels to see what types of videos they post and how they craft titles and descriptions.

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Similar web YouTube Keyword Generator Results Page Similarweb YouTube List of Mobile Phone Numbers Keyword Generator Tool Results Page Unfortunately, visitors don’t see the tabs. However, using TubeBuddy and vidiQ’s Extension for YouTube Chrome & Tools like Firefox discover tabs very easily. Check the hashtags of your competitors’ popular videos and videos with similar content to yours. Start with your existing videos If you haven’t tagged your videos until now, you can still add them. In YouTube Studio, click the edit details for the video in question and scroll to “Show more”. You already know what to do next. Screenshot of tagging options in YouTube Studio.

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