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So, assuming you create engaging content , leveraging hashtag trends is a great way to get views, clicks, and comments. Boost your brand Finally, you can use consistent hashtags across your posts to establish a recognizable name and image for your brand like targetrun for Target . Then, when people see the hashtag in the digital realm, they will think of you – elevating your presence in the minds of followers, customers and potential prospects. Think labels like a text version of Cadbury’s iconic purple branding or Doritos’ iconic triangular chip shape. It’s kind of like the social media version of a watermark or logo. Many brands also use their own names as hashtags to get extraordinary views. For example, July The hottest skincare brand on TikTok is The Ordinary.

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Theordinary hashtag views up to 9. .9 billion, twice as many as global C Level Executive List beauty icon Dove. Other skincare brands with branded labels are also doing well, as you can see from Statista Chart of Popular US Skincare Brands. You can also use your branded hashtags to get views if you put in the effort. How to Use a Hashtag Once you know what hashtag to use if you don’t, skip to “How to Create a Hashtag” , the steps involved are fairly simple for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You simply start a new post, add the ” ” symbol on most keyboards, it shares the key with the “” , and enter your hashtag. Then, finish your post and press “Publish”.

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Facebook tags look like this How to use hashtags on Facebook. Twitter List of Mobile Phone Numbers hashtags look like this Instagram hashtags look like this How to use hashtags on Instagram. Make sure your hashtags are set up correctly before posting, as editing your post after you discover that your hashtag isn’t linking anywhere can hurt your visibility. If your hashtags still don’t work, double check that you’ve set your account to “Public” instead of “Private”. If you have a private account, non-followers cannot see your content, and your posts will not appear in hashtag search results.

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