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This allows you to focus on the most profitable areas of your alliance, identifying weaknesses and strengths and optimizing them. Traffic Quality Many of the metrics you measure for an individual member are worth tracking for an entire program. Evaluate overall performance and analyze the value affiliate marketing brings to your business. Compare the percentage of new versus repeat customers, average order value, and customer lifetime. Benchmark referral traffic against your competitors to get a better idea of ​​what those numbers mean. Top Affiliates Your ten most successful affiliates are responsible for driving the largest portion of quality traffic and resulting sales.

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These are subsidiary bodies to be closely monitored and cultivated. You want to Oman Phone Number List detect when affiliates in the top ten list change. A little variation is a sign of healthy competition. Too much variation can be a red flag. Percentage of Affiliate Sales Your marketing strategy includes various digital marketing methods. When starting affiliate marketing, you should set expectations for traffic, revenue, and costs. Track the percentage of traffic that comes from affiliate referrals and the sales that result from that traffic. Percent Affiliate Sales Formula Number of Affiliates Continuously monitors the number of affiliates in your program and correlates this to the affiliate program’s revenue.

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You want your program to grow at a healthy rate, and you also want to make sure List of Mobile Phone Numbers you don’t rely on just a few strong affiliates. Help Metrics for Qualified Affiliate Partners You don’t have to work with just anyone, so set up a process that allows you to filter out unsuitable affiliates. Let’s look at some metrics that can help you evaluate your affiliate’s ability to drive the traffic and sales you want. These KPIs can serve as eligibility thresholds for new members to apply to your program. Flow Set the minimum flow. You want to make sure that the site has the ability to generate enough traffic to your website. Engagement Score Target affiliates with high authority. In the long run, you want your affiliates to continue sending active repeat customers your way.

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