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Let’s use Noom, the weight loss app, as an example. Crunchbase describes Noom as “a psychology-based digital wellness platform for smart nutrition and exercise coaching.” YouTube ads constitute Noom’s largest source of new user acquisition funnel traffic, with over . billion spent on the platform Based on observed views of YouTube ads not listed by Noom, and assuming a cost per view of . Dollar. So when startup weight-loss app Found closes its 100 million Series B round in December 2019, you better believe it’s poised to hit YouTube, and soon. But right now, if you look at VidTao or Similarweb, Found doesn’t appear to be running a YouTube ad yet. No campaign or video.

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Don’t have a YouTube ad yet? no problem. We’ll have a lot of ideas soon. But first, a quick Egypt Phone Number List look at the big picture: David Discovery vs. Goliath Noom Opening up our competitive research tool in Similarweb, we see that Noom has more than doubled the traffic of Found over the past three months: Noom and Joinfound traffic engagement. Noom launched in 2009 and Found in 2010, so Noom is a bit ahead. Let’s take a closer look at Noom’s traffic channel breakdown: Noom via Similarweb’s traffic channel breakdown. “Wait, I remember you saying that YouTube was the biggest driver of its top-of-funnel traffic?” Tiger wasn’t that fast — let’s dig deeper.

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Direct traffic is all direct input “noom. com” variant. They already know the List of Mobile Phone Numbers app. Nearly 100 of paid and organic searches are branded terms, which means that these searches are people typing words directly related to “noom”, as shown in the Similarweb screenshot below Example: Noom keywords via Similarweb. So how does Noom drive awareness and action from a completely apathetic, uninformed audience? This is the fourth channel, YouTube. YouTube advertisers have noticed time and time again how YouTube ads bring to go beyond “just a click” results, especially at scale.

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