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For example, if you look at a company’s social media pages, you can see how many people have commented, liked or shared their posts. With Similarweb Marketing Channels Overview, you can also determine how much of your website traffic comes from these different sources. Overview of Amazon’s marketing channels on Similarweb from month to year. Target Keywords Now that we know the attractiveness of website content, it is important to analyze how people access the content. Doing this is simpler than it sounds. Start by analyzing the keywords the company is targeting and how well they are performing for each keyword. With Similarweb Keyword Tool, you can view all the keywords that drive paid and organic traffic to your company website. This tells you which keywords the company considers important for its content.

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Year Month to Year Month amazon. com top performing organic keyword. You’ll also get Czech Republic Phone Number List an idea of ​​how competitive your keywords are and may have an opportunity to find some good keywords for your targeting. Backlinks Backlinks are important to prove that your website has E-A-T. If other sites cite your content, this tells Google that your content is useful and trustworthy. We recommend using free tools like Small SEO Tools’ Backlink Checker or Google Search Console’s Link Report to find your site’s backlinks. Similarweb also helps in getting a high-level overview of your competitors’ top referral sources. You can view the top referring sites and industries to see which other sites are driving the most traffic to your competitors. These could be good targets for you to partner with to get your own backlinks.

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Top recommended websites for Amazon from 2020 to 2019 List of Mobile Phone Numbers according to Similarweb . Audit Your Competitors’ Content Now that you know your competitors’ SEO metrics and understand what’s working and what’s not, you can conduct a full audit of their content to better understand what they’re doing. Ask yourself the following questions: What are the main categories of their content? What is included? Is there a subtitle? What language do they use to describe their topic? How is the content organized? This will give you a good understanding of the topics and content in your industry.

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