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Creating backlinks is an Off-Page SEO strategy that is still very important for the positioning of a site.

Web Marketing is an immense subject that you never stop learning. But there are some aspects that are more important than others, which you need to know how to handle well to get online results.

That’s why the topic I propose today focuses on a very important aspect of online positioning and reputation: how to create valuable backlinks .

Whoever has an eCommerce, a company that sells online services or a brand to be positioned with important keywords, must necessarily dedicate a large part of the web Founder Email Lists marketing strategy to Link Building (an aspect of Off-Page SEO) as well .

In fact, backlinks remain one of the most important ranking factors for search engines which, based on the links received, recognize the site as an authoritative source in its sector. 

If you’ve heard of the subject before, you know that mission requires analysis, care, and time. With the right techniques and tools, however, this activity becomes easier and also very very fruitful.

In this article you can find out how to analyze the sites that point to your pages and the most popular content to offer through the various techniques to obtain valuable backlinks.

What is Off Page SEO

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With the denomination Off-Page SEO we refer to those actions carried out outside the site and its pages (which the on-page SEO deals with), aimed at improving its authority and popularity and, consequently also search engine ranking (SERP).

The Off-Page SEO activities include:

  • Link Building / Link Earning
  • Influencing Marketing 
  • Digital PR / Social Media. 

What are Backlinks

Backlinks are external links that come from other sites and List of Mobile Phone Numbers point to one or more pages of your site, blog or eCommerce. The development of backlinks is part of the Off-Page SEO activities , and are divided into Link Building and Link Earning . 

Link Building and Link Earning are the two activities through which to get backlinks. But there is a big difference between them.

Link Building , as the definition wants, translates into “link building”, i.e. you are looking for external links from other portals to gain visibility.

Conversely, Link Earning means that other sites voluntarily link to your content because they consider it to be of great quality and usefulness. 

We will shortly resume the discussion on the quality of content, a fundamental basic requirement both for asking for links and for receiving them spontaneously.

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