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You will learn how to arouse the interest of the interlocutor, eliminate contradictions in the conversation and correctly respond to the operation. You will learn to evaluate the non-verbal parts of communication and learn how to use emotional and rational arguments. What are the benefits of the course. Hotel managers deal with a lot of people and often resolve difficult issues between guests and staff. Well-develop argumentation skills will help him engage in constructive dialogue rather than bring controversial situations into open conflict. what’s the result. After strengthening, you will be able to respond rationally to guest criticism of the hotel and communicate your ideas to senior management and contractors. You’ll earn an advanc training certificate and add it to your resume Best Soft Skills Development Program for Executives ison College.

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A two-month soft skills development program Soft skills help leaders connect and Egypt Phone Number List communicate with people, Convince and achieve your own goals, and resolve complex issues without conflict. What is the course content. During the course, you’ll learn what emotional intelligence is and how it can help you at work.  You’ll learn how to make inform decisions and. Advance your terms in negotiations. In addition, you will learn how to present yourself in public speaking and communicating with strangers. What are the benefits of the course.

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Soft skills are necessary for any leader, and hotel managers are no exception. Calming a List of Mobile Phone Numbers  dissatisfi client.  Cheering up a subordinate or negotiating favorable terms with a contractor for a hotel can be extremely difficult without developing soft skills. You will be able to learn this in the course. what’s the result. You’ll complete several practical exercises, package them into cases and add them to your portfolio. After completing all courses and successfully completing assignments, you will be award a diploma. You will develop a business development strategy and be. Finally, Able to forecast the growth of profits and the further development of the company.

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