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Here are important steps to use schema markup: 1: go to google’s structured data markup helper use structured data markup helper to implement schema markup on your website. It is google’s tool. So, you have optimal results in google searches. Google’s structured data markup helper is a user-friendly tool to be used by even beginners. Rather than directly implementing structured data on your web page, you can use the tool to mark pages visually and download a new html code. To get started, find the way to the structured data markup helper home page. 2: select the sort of data you have a list of options to choose though the list is not comprehensive. For example, you can use articles as it is the most com.

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In the left windowpane, the web page will appear and in the right windowpane, data items will show. 4: choose the elements to mark up as you select an article, show up the name of the article to add the ‘name’ markup. From the tooltip, select ‘name’ after highlighting. 5: continue adding markup items use the catalog of data items as your guide and highlight other items in your article to add them to VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists the list. Tagging may not be possible for every item, just add items you can. 6: create the html after finishing it, click “Create html.” you can see the html of your page with relevant microdata. 7: add schema markup to your site next, go into your cms to add the marked snippets in the suitable spots. Find the schema markup code by following the yellow markers.

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Around the web sponsored old camera found in the deep ocean reveals unseen titanic photos old camera found in the deep ocean reveals unseen titanic photos lolwot 8: test your schema now it is time to use structured data testing tool to find out what your page looks like with the extra markup. Schema markup is an seo technique that can help you in the long run. Now you need to learn and implement list of mobile phone numbers the related micro-data to better your search results. By doing so, you are one step ahead of your competitors. Schema markup is an advanced digital marketing approach to enhance opportunities in your business. 100000 bhaumik anindya.

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