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Tip Analyze Audience Demographics in Different Regions Segment your analysis by geographic region. See which companies are strong in different areas to identify local leaders and companies offering local services. You may want to easily conquer the Australian market, as your top competitors are not strong there. Local suppliers may be filling that space. Analyzing audience geography can reveal additional opportunities or threats. Screenshots of Each Competitor’s Similarweb Demographics With Similarweb, comparing competitor audience demographics is easy. Tip: Investigate Audience and Search Interests A Conduct audience analysis in different directions.

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Using audience and search interest analytics, you can find out who your Spain Phone Numbers List competitors are. how do you do this See how their audience overlaps with other sites’ audiences. In the long run, sites with the same audience may compete with you on audience, even if they don’t compete on product level. Screenshot of Similarweb’s audience overlap view The unique audience overlap feature shows shared audiences and gaps. B Don’t forget to consider search intent. Some sites with overlapping audiences may answer different types of queries. These won’t be competitors for your product, but could steal traffic and affect how you market. C With Similarweb, you can also quickly discover other areas of potential interest to your audience. This is a great way to identify potential competitors who are not in your niche or even your industry.

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They may not exist, but if they do, you want to know about them. Similarweb Audience List of Mobile Phone Numbers Interest Analysis Screenshot Find out what topics and industries your competitor’s audience is also interested in. Tip: Track Your Competitors’ Performance Keeping an eye on potential competitors allows you to gauge whether they are a threat to your business’ success. For example, suppose a site introduces a feature similar to what you’re planning, or a company introduces a new product that’s similar to yours. You can benefit from understanding how they market, who they market to, and what works and what doesn’t. Monitor competitors and how they are performing on representative metrics such as traffic and engagement for each marketing channel.

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